The Passport

We shot this short film as a challenge: go from idea to wrap in 2-3 days. We made the decision to create on Friday, got the script and location and crew finalized on Saturday, and shot with a 2 hour time-cap on Sunday. In between industry gigs, we practice like this, trying to impersonate the time pressures and restraints of show biz. It went so well, that we decided to make this an ongoing practice in production with local professionals.

The Ferryman

This was a rehearsal scene, practiced with my two partners from a Dramatic Scene Study class. This posed a unique challenge for me, as this scene is designed for theatre, but I have very few words with which to portray my primary emotion: restraint.

Dramatic Monologue

This monologue is from Breaking Bad. I find monologues, especially ones with the intensity of a "bad good guy", to be very rewarding. This was filmed on the last day of the Actor Development Program, shot on location at the Film Factory in Kelowna, BC.

Dramatic Scene

This was the scene I had the joy of developing with my scene partner, Hannah Willoner, during the Actor Development Program in Kelowna, BC.


In the Fall of 2020 I had to honour of attending a Fighting and Firearms workshop with Jon Funk in Kelowna BC. We got to shoot many real guns (with fake bullets) and learn extensive amounts of fight choreography specifically as it relates to the camera.

Dramatic Demo Reel

Early in my training, I decided to curate a demo reel from a single day of acting, shot across 4 locations.